White flower tree

I sat cozily succumbed to the couch, while my sister kept reminding me that we had to go out to buy grocery. Although I was keen to go and grab some fresh air, it took me ages to say yes and get ready.

After having delayed the shopping for a few days, I finally agreed and stepped out of the house with her. And so refreshing it felt, to watch the blossoming trees and lanes outside. We visited the mart, bought the required grocery, and as we realized that it would be late by the time we reached home and cook dinner, we decided to pick up some ready-to-serve food from a restaurant for the night. (That’s because, it was not just the two of us, there were more people waiting for us at home, and for food ;))

So we headed for the restaurant, and on reaching, my sister stepped out to place the order. I stayed in the car, and was gazing at a cute little tree in front of me, at a distance. I wished to click pictures of that tree, but something was stopping me. It was just my apprehensive mind, which was debating on whether or not I should go and click pics of that tree. It kept nagging me about what would the onlookers think! People may look at me strangely or giggle or whatever. Meanwhile, my sister returned after placing the order, and we had to wait some more to collect it.

So, I finally let go of all the babbling going on inside the mind, stepped out, grabbed her phone having high camera resolution and simply walked over to the tree, ignoring one and all. I didn’t even look back at my sister to see if she’s calling me, but I did make haste and clicked the pics as quickly as possible.

Although not very eager to stop exploring more angles for clicking photos, I had to stop sooner and return. And that’s the whole story behind these pictures. πŸ™‚

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