Mindful thoughts

In recent years, I have become more interested towards decoding life in terms of energy, vibrations and frequency. The fascination started after reading the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Since then, whatever new I read or get to know, I try to link and make more sense of life around.

(Please note: All the points mentioned below are purely my perceptions, and shared here just for reading purpose. I have no intentions to disregard existing beliefs in anything or anyone. You are free to read, ponder or ignore..)

It has been passed on since ages that whatever your mind believes, you can achieve. Almost every positive quote that you read or hear is all about your thinking, your mind, your response and that’s what every thing is all about.

Prayers – Why do we pray? We pray because we believe in God, we believe that if we consciously pray for something and keep faith, the almighty shall certainly shower his blessings. As you will notice, it is about our belief and faith, we only need to focus our attention towards an entity for faith, and that entity is God. The entity varies for different people. I won’t go into much details, but what I feel is:

Faith in entirety is about focusing within or on the entity and having affirmative thoughts, which helps to free your mind from clutter and fill with clean thoughts.

Aswini Sekar

Gratitude – Prayers are not always intended toward asking for something, but also for thanking God for what you have. This presses on the point:

The moment you feel gratitude for something, you attract more of it into your life.

Stress-busters: What do you do when in stress? Each of us has a way out to get some relaxation, or get revitalized, by doing some activity or the other. So, what exactly happens here, and how to get it right? Let me talk in terms of vibes, when you are thinking good thoughts, you feel good, you are happy. But when you are feeling low, or not feeling good, observe your thoughts, what is it that you are passing on to your mind, it could be that you are sending negative statements to your mind, and that negative energy is affecting you, and you feel stressed. When you do some activity to relax yourself, you are basically directing your mind towards something positive, as you do something that makes you feel good. The feel good energy overpowers the negative ones that were created earlier, and thus, you feel better again.

It’s all about your thoughts. Next time, when you’re stressed or upset, just concentrate on your thoughts, and swap the negative statements with positive affirmations, it can make a difference.

Aswini Sekar

I stop here for now! There’s lot more to read, learn and discover, this is just a small share of what I think and feel. The more I read these topics, the deeper the concepts get, just, taking small steps at a time. Besides, it’s not so easy to be hooked to reading books and articles for long, when you have a toddler to look after and household chores to manage! πŸ™‚

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