Food on my plate – Arbi/Taro Root

While at home, my day to day activities mostly focus on what to cook, and how to keep my child engaged. Talking about the former one, few days back I noticed Arbi (call it Taro root or Arbi or Colocasia as you may) lying in my refrigerator since a while. So far, I had only tried it as a dry dish, hence, I decided to try out something new with it. I checked some recipes on YouTube, and one of it, ‘Taro Root curry by Savory Icon‘ looked so delicious that I instantly started the preparation, and I must mention that the outcome was gratifying. (Check out more recipe ideas at the end of this post)

Like many others, until now, I was under the impression that Arbi is full of carbs and not a very healthy choice of food. But still, many of us buy, cook and eat it. Since I relish the good taste that Arbi provides, it made me curious to delve deeper and find out more. That’s how I decided to collect some facts about it. And I found that Taro Root (Arbi) is rich in nutrients and beneficial to health, and shall certainly be included in diet in moderate amounts.

Taro Root contains rich nutrients that include Fiber, Resistant Starch, Vitamins A, E & C, Anti-oxidants, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper. These compounds help to improve digestion, prevent fatigue, boost energy, enhance skin & hair, strengthen immunity, regulate insulin & blood sugar levels, prevent cancer and more. Read further to know how each of these nutrients contribute to your health.

Taro Root / Arbi / Colocasia Root – Nutrients & Benefits
(Source: Healthline, draxe)

Health benefits from Taro Root

Fiber is not digested by humans, and it is not absorbed in the body. It thus, helps in transition of food through the digestive tract, and helps to add bulk to our stool. This prevents any possible occurrence of constipation. Since these fibers contribute towards feeling of fullness, it causes you to consume less calories and thus helps in weight loss.

Fiber and Resistant starch are not absorbed in the body. They remain in intestines and serve the microbes in the gut (gut bacteria). The gut bacteria on fermenting the fibers, initiate the production of short-chain fatty acids which nourish your intestine cells. These two also slow down the absorption of other carbs from food, regulate insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.

Vitamins A & E boost overall health of cells. Wounds & skin blemishes heal faster. Besides, skin gets a healthy glow. Vitamin C stimulates production of white blood cells that defend the body from foreign particles and help make it immune.

Anti-oxidants neutralize and eliminate the free radicals (that promote the growth of cancerous cells) in the body. It thus, prevents free radicals from affecting the cells causing cataract. It includes the anti-oxidant Cryptoxanthin, which lowers the chances of developing lung & oral cancer.

Potassium facilitates fluid transfer between the membranes and helps relieve pressure on arteries and blood vessels. Reduced blood pressure optimizes the fluid transfer between neural membranes that boosts the neural connections.

Magnesium plays a major role in building up energy in your body, in contraction and relaxation of the muscles, pushes the blood sugar into the muscles, thus preventing fatigue. It even helps fight depression.

Iron and copper, both are essential components in production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all the organs of the body. They promote cell growth, enhance metabolic activity in the body, and prevent fatigue.

Precaution: Consume Arbi/Taro Root only after cooking it well. Taro Root contains a compound ‘Calcium oxalate’, which may cause numbness in mouth or irritation in your throat, and if it gets built up in major amounts, it can also lead to gout or kidney stones. But, when you soak or cook Taro Root, the toxic content is greatly reduced. Hence, it is safe to consume when cooked.

More recipes that look promising and I shall try out next time

Taro Root Smoothie
Taro Root Chips
Taro Ice Cream
Taro Stir Fry

Thank you for reading!

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