Bid Adieu to Lazy You

I would say I know how it feels to realize that you are at times lazy! It’s like you have miles to go and you’re still thinking whether and when to take the first step.

It’s alright. You are not alone. The fact that you are here reading this indicates that you wish to get rid of your lethargy. Better late than never! Come spend few minutes and read on to know how you can work out a way and become proactive.


Yes! A very easy thing for you to start with is to Think!

If you are lacking the motive to do something, you probably won’t do it. So, if there’s something you ought to do, think of the desired outcome.

Do you see it? Does it make you happy? There you go, Write it down INSTANTLY, and stick it as a note. Ex: I am going to do ____. It is going to result in ____


Another challenge faced is to continue working on the goal. This one needs a little determination from your side. The note you created, keep it handy to remind you of your goal and the desired outcome. That should do the trick.


Avoid regretting your past failed efforts. ONLY think of your present positive efforts towards attaining the goal. If you skip a day or schedule, don’t dwell on the failure, focus on the realization instead.

Follow through and keep working.


The biggest motivation is self-motivation. Know that only you can do what is needed to reach your goal. Be affirmative.

Remind yourself – You have what it takes to attain the goal and you are going to do it.

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